Children's and Liturgical Opera Company, LLC



a children’s musical play

story by Timothy W. .Bingham

libretto, lyrics and music by Susan Hulsman Bingham



Treble soloists, ages 9-12; adult mezzo soprano and adult baritone optional (entire piece can be done by children)



Eight boys (princes) and eight girls (princesses) plus four additional parts: King, Queen, Servant and Cook (playable by adults or children)




children sing in bunches


optional, for fun


minimal and homespun are fine


original story by Timothy W. Bingham




tonal, melodic, a little jazzy


eight short scenes


45 minutes is our best guess


This piece has not been performed




PRELUDE: Eight royal princesses watch frogs cavort in a brook near the royal palace. Scene 1: DINNER AT THE PALACE. King Gourmand sings about the joys of eating frogs’ legs, asking that they be served at the banquet to be given in honor of his engagement to Queen Manipulata. Cook Stirpot, the royal chef, worries that the frog population is slacking off. Scene 2: AT THE ROYAL PALACE. The princesses and the queen-to-be do not like one-another. While the princesses complain among themselves about Manipulata, Manipulata plots to get rid of them, as they take attention away from her. Scene 3: AT THE ROYAL BROOK. Manipulata goes to the brook. Though she fears that Pontifex Nichao, the troubadour frog magician, might thwart her plans, she sings a sinister song to lure the frogs to her. She catches and kisses eight of them, whereupon they turn into princes. Scene 4: AT THE PALACE. Queen Manipulata slyly tells the king that there is no shortage of frogs’ legs after all. Scene 5. AT THE PALACE. Young princes and princesses are encouraged to kiss so that they will turn into frogs. All but one couple, too shy to kiss, oblige. Queen Manipulata worries that the remaining couple will remind the king that his other daughters are missing. Scene 6: IN THE PALACE KITCHEN. Princes and princesses, having been turned into frogs, are in the pot to be cooked. To escape, they stack themselves up on top of one-another, with the two smallest on top. These two escape and go in search of Pontifex Nichao, the magician troubadour frog. The King comes into the kitchen and looks into the pot. The trapped frog daughters cry out "Father! Father!" but he doesn't hear anything but noise. He notices that all but one of his daughters is missing, and Manipulata tells him that have been sent away to be tutored in odd subjects. Scene 7: AT THE ROYAL BROOK. The two escapee frogs find Pontifex Nichaeo and convince him to come to the palace to save the other frogs. The Queen approaches the brook at just this time, hoping to catch more frogs to make up for the two who refused to kiss. She scoops up Pontifex Nichao and kisses him, but Pontifex Nichao’s spell proves stronger: Manipulata turns into a frog, and he turns into an old man. Scene 8: IN THE PALACE KITCHEN. Pontifex Nichao hobbles into the kitchen, grabs frogs and kisses them two at a time. They turn back into people. The king, very happy to see everyone in human form, announces that Pontifex Nichao will be knighted and that the princesses will marry the princes. Manipulata’s croaking can be heard in the distance.


Composer's comment: lively, funny and easy.

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